Inspection Reports

Booking an Inspection

You may book an inspection by calling us at 250-881-1086, e-mailing, or by using the live chat button on the home page.  We do our best to be available by phone or text at all times. Once we have taken note of your information, we contact your agent or whoever has official access to the residence and arrange to meet them at the time the inspection begins.  Inspection times vary depending on the size, age and condition of a home. The inspector is given access and you will be informed of the time to arrive for the ‘walk through’ or verbal delivery of the report with the inspector when he is finished with his inspection.  This can also be arranged by telephone for a no contact inspection. Your report is emailed, and once you receive it there is a payment page where you are able to pay the invoice directly online.  If you have any questions about this process, for example if you prefer to pay onsite with cheque or cash, please inform us before the inspection.  Thank you.  

Your Inspection Report

We have upgraded to the Carson Dunlop reporting system, Horizon, the most widely used and efficient reporting system on the home inspection market. Carson Dunlop’s consulting engineers have, in over 40 years in the business, perfected the reporting system for ease of use for both the inspectors and our clients. You will find your home inspection report simple to navigate and highly informative.

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